I just received the Cookie Fries and they were a hit with my 9 and 13 year old boys. You have a delicious great product.
They were a big hit at our Bat Mitzvah celebration!
Great presentation, soo delish.
Thank you,
Julie R.
"Wow! What a tasty and cute idea! Thank you so much. We were all laughing and treating ourselves."
Thank you so much for your reply...excellent customer service.

The original order did arrive here at my house. Sharon brought it to school on a day when a hand full of teachers have a lunch get together in the staff room. They all enjoyed trying the different dips and they thought it was fun and different.
Thanks for the cookies. You did not have to do that but its apthe
I received the cookies. They look amazing! They're for a party tomorrow, can't wait! I will definitely order the dairy ones very soon. Thanks again.
Ronit S.
My daughter received her cookies and said "Mom, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen! They are so yummy!1 Thank you for helping to make her doldrums while studying a little brighter!
Valerie O.
Hi Jill and Susie! Just wanted to let you know the cookies arrived today..and I'd say they were a tremendous hit!!! This is what Kelsy said in her email..
The cookies are great, and you're right—I have to share! I've already had wayyy too much!! I feel like I've gained ten lbs in the last ten minutes (I'm not exaggerating-l think I've had five bags of fries, all double-dipping, haha) And the salty caramel sauce...mmmhmm...delicious!!"
Where she's located in Afghanistan there are military people from all over the world and a British Major said, quote "These things are amazing, genius really, aren't they?!" She said everyone is enjoying them immensely!
So thank you ladies so much, it really means a lot! I would definitely recommend them as a cool gift/treat in the future. (Now I'm curious I may need to order some for myself haha)
Thanks again, Teresa
Teresa F.
I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed her Cookie Fries! She thought they were so cute, and delicious too! She loves cookies and fries, so they were a perfect combination!

What a great idea. I am so glad I saw this on my recent American Airlines flight
Michelle V.
Here it is! Thanks again for your time and delicious treats. Bryson kept demanding more when we got home, so I was able to set him in his high chair and snap a cute pic. Hope to meet up again someday!
Cheryl L.

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